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Cassie a few days old

Cassie was my first baby and I found out at my 20 week scan that she had Gastroschisis; yes I cried, it's only natural. All I wanted was a baby with no problems, unfortunately that didn't happen. From there on out I looked up much on Gastroschisis so I was clued up on what was going to happen and believe me it helped a lot. The pregnancy went fantastically well even though I had to travel up to Birmingham Women's Hospital 3 times a week for scans and check ups. At 36 weeks my waters broke and I had to have a c-section due to Cassie being breach. The doctors showed me my daughter then whipped her away to transfer her to the Children's Hospital.


A relaxing Cassie

I saw her the same day, her bowels were put into a silo and she was on so many monitors it was scary. She had problems breathing, she was very uncomfortable and it was horrible seeing my daughter this way. The doctors called me later that day and said they were going to put her bowls back inside to see whether that would help. I agreed and in the morning when I went to visit her she was very contented. She couldn't feed at first which was horrible because she would cry with hunger. When she was 10 days old they started her on 5mls of milk and she tolerated that so they increased it everyday until day 18, then she was on a full feed. She had all monitors taken off and all drips taken out. On day 20 we had a lovely surprise waiting for us the doctors told us we could take her home today. I was so excited I nearly cried.

Cassie fast asleep
We had to go for checkups once a week for 2 weeks and then at 2 months then she got the all clear and we were discharged. She is blessed and made me realise that although things go wrong in life miracles can happen. My advice to every parent with or without problems is take it one day at a time, every baby is different. I read other stories about baby's with Gastroschisis and they sounded really depressing where I found the whole experience joyful at least I know my Cassie is a fighter.