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Hurry up and take the picture Mum!

My nephew Connor was born with Exomphalos, no one knew what to expect but my sister was determined to give him every chance, even when some doctors suggested she terminate him as he would probably be severely brain damaged, have Downs Syndrome and be physically disabled. He was born early, died twice, and suffered infections and complications.

Connor will be nine in November, he is a lively, mischeivous little rip, he gives his little brother hell and he is proud of his 'war wound' and the fact he has no belly button is fascinating to his pals. We have only just learned he also has pulmonary hyperplasia. His surgeon is amazed by his progress and is trying to persuade Connor that he needs surgery to join his stomach muscles together and tidy up his scar, he was met with a firm no.

Connor has the characteristic pot belly and he is a bit small, often being mistaken for his 7 year old brothers' twin. He's been told that contact sports should be avoided as his liver is prone to injury because of where it sits, but when you see him going for a full on tackle playing footie or wrestling his brother Liam it's hard to believe the trauma that he endured.

The surgeons and medical staff at Newcastle's' Royal Victoria Infirmary are our heroes, we can't thank them enough for giving Connor his place in this world
Connor {in the green shirt} with Liam.