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Hailey with friends

Our darling Hailey was born on the 1st of Feb 2004 at 9.20am at the Queen Mother Maternity Hospital in Glasgow. We knew at the first scan that Hailey had Gastroschisis. Within an hour of her birth she was taken to theatre and her bowel was put into a little silo pouch to fit back in to her abdomen. Hailey was a little star, and all went well. She was kept sedated for over a week and taken back to theatre to have her abdomen closed over.

Hailey had part of her intestine missing and had what is known as short gut , she could not tolerate feeding of any more than a few mls. of formula so she was on long term TPN and LIPID which was fed through a central line into an artery so her blood and liver had to break this down. It was the only way to keep Hailey alive and give her nutrition. Hailey went through at least ten major operations in her first ten months of life. On the 16th of Dec. 2004 she went through what was to be her final operation, when it was discovered that Hailey's liver was failing and that her only chance of survival was to have a liver and small bowel transplant.

Hailey was assessed for a transplant in ward eight of Birmingham Childrens Hospital just a couple of weeks after her first birthday. She got on the transplant list but Hailey contracted an infection and she died on the 20th. of March 2005. I have posted pictures of our little star to let people see what a happy little girl she was. All we can say is that we had the best and the worst fourteen months of our lifes with Hailey. She brought us so much joy in her short life here and we would not change a single day or second of the time we all had with her, and bear in mind that Hailey's Gastroschisis was the worst case senario, this does not happen to all Gastro babies. Remember that you are you babys voice, ask questions all the time find out as much as you can about TPN and the effects that it has long term . With best wishes from the family of Hailey Brennan. Twinkle on our Hailey star.

A smiling Hailey