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Jade in flowers

Our daughter Jade was born in 1996. We were told she was a gastro baby and were in shock for ages. When you haven't heard of something it is somehow more alarming. I was told that I would be induced at 36 weeks, that would have been September, they said we should expect to have her home for Christmas, we were so worried, other people were enjoying pregnancy, we were scared about everything, every step of the way.

I was induced at 36 weeks, on September 18th, Jade was born on September 19th weighing 5lbs 3oz. We brought her home on October 9th, just 3 weeks later. Her last check-up was in October 2002. She is 8 now and very well, Simon Huddart gave her an impressive 'belly button'. She knows she hasn't got a real belly button but thinks her version is very special because it was made for her by Mr. Huddart.

Emma June 2005