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An inquisitive Mariah

It was my 12 week scan when they discovered an abnormality. I didn't know what Exomphalos was, nor had I ever heard of it. I researched online for weeks before I came across the GEEPS website. It helped me with all the information I needed at the time. The doctors were good, informative and helpful, yet a couple of them thought I should have a termination, but I'm against that.

My baby had Exomphalos Major, the intestines and the liver were developing outside the body. It was a very difficult pregnancy as later I found out that there may be other related problems, such as conditions like Edwards syndrome etc. I was against having an Amniocentesis as no matter what, I was going to have and love my child whatever their condition.

After weeks of worry the doctors decided it was within the baby's favour to go ahead with the Amnio so that they knew what they had to deal with once the baby was born. The Amnio was uncomfortable and painful as well as real emotional. After waiting weeks for the results, it came back as normal. Thank God, I was overjoyed. I was scheduled to have a caesarean on my 38th week. All went to plan. St Mary's Hospital in Paddington 10:07am 22nd July 2009 my little girl was born weighing 6lbs 8oz.

My Mother and I caught a quick look at her before the doctors, nurses and surgeons were dealing with her and her Exomphalos. She was operated on 2 hours after birth which was a success. She stayed in ICU for a month before I got to take her home. No one except me and her father were allowed into the ICU due to the swine flu epidemic but I got the best birthday present ever when they told me at last I could take her home.

Mariah is now 6 months old and doing so well, she has a nasty scar on her tummy and no belly button but everything inside is working wonderfully which is the most important thing. We take her to see the surgeon every 3 months and he (Mr Abel) is very happy with her progress. Mariah may need cosmetic surgery on her tummy when she is 3 years old but the scar seems to be growing out. I love her so much, she is my first child and I wouldn't change a thing about her. I'm thankful for her everyday. God is great.

Where are my presents?