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GEEPS is run by the families and friends of affected children and is a non profit making network. Money raised is used to fund this website as well as producing occasional newsletters and poster campaigns to raise awareness of GEEPS and the conditions it supports.

The aim of GEEPS is to support families through the shock of diagnosis and beyond in the hope that some of the stress can be relieved by sharing thoughts and fears with other parents - parents who have been in the same or similar situation.

Support is done via regular updates to the information on this site, the experiences pages and by using the discussion board. To get the most from this site, we suggest reading all the available information, visiting the links section and reading the experiences pages. If you would like to discuss aspects of your particular circumstances, then please register on the discussion board and post details of your circumstances/query.

The discussion board is well read by other families who have been or are going through the same experiences (and are by far the best placed people to give guidance), as well as medical professionals all over the world. The discussion board is also monitored by the administrators of this site who will also do their best to answer any queries. If you still feel you have a query or that something has not been covered please email us at and we will try to answer or find an answer to your question.

You are welcome to print as many pages from this site as you may need.