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21/01/2011 UK Site for Counselling Support Network
15/12/2008 UK Site for Expert Advice on Different Parenting Styles
13/05/2004 Birth Defect Research for Children. National Registry, Fact Sheets, Parent Linking. (US)
17/09/2003 General guide to the National Health Service
07/08/2003 Very good Exomphalos technical site, deals with types and repair techniques
06/03/2003 Very good Medical Dictionary
06/03/2003 Very detailed family site about a little girl born in Ireland with Exomphalos, regular diary updates
13/01/2003 Harris Birthright Centre for Fetal Medicine at Kings College Hospital
18/12/2002 Wessex Centre for Paediatric Surgery - Neonatal Surgery Information Site
03/12/2002 Translation software will transalte up to 150 words at a time into German, Spanish, French etc.
04/11/2002 US site with details of a recent trial in the US about limiting the damage of Gastroschisis
04/11/2002 US site with a lot of detail about Gastroschisis/Exomphalos(Omphalocele), be warned, some of the photographys are quite explicit
15/09/2002 US site with message board for families with Exomphalos/Omphalocele
12/03/2002 More on abdominal defects from Center for Parental Diagnosis
01/01/2001 An information and support site for parents
01/01/2001 Sands - The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society
01/01/2001 The Miscarriage Association
01/01/2001 Recent study of potential causes of Gastroschisis
01/01/2001 Paediatric Surgical Associates of Texas, what is Exomphalos
01/01/2001 Paediatric Surgical Associates of Texas, what is Gastroschisis
01/01/2001 Health Encyclopedia - more detail on Exomphalos
01/01/2001 Health Encyclopedia - more detail on Gastroschisis
01/01/2001 Institute of Child health Great Ormond Street (fact sheet)
01/01/2001 Some statistics about Gastroschisis/Exomphalos
01/01/2001 UK umbrella group for children suffering disability or special need